Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Qualities of a Gentleman - Part 1

11 Qualities of a Gentleman - In no particular order:

1) Selflessness - A Gentleman thinks of others before himself. Especially when it comes to significant others, children, or that random hot babe you held the door for at the store. A genuine selflessness is a very rare quality. It may not be obvious to others at first, but women will take notice as they grow to know you.

This, by no means, communicates that you're a pushover. You put the best interests of others first, but when it comes to standing up for yourself...

2) Firmness - stand strong for what you believe in. You act in all things according to what you know to be right and when someone challenges that (whether it be the phone company ripping you off or your sister's creepy boyfriend) you stand firm.

Don't take this too far though. You are not rigid and unbending. You carefully consider the feelings and opinions of those you respect, but when pushed unfairly, you form the solid foundation.

Remember, stable, not constant.

3) Self Control - A Gentleman acts with purpose and plans ahead what actions are within his realm of possibilities.

You drink, but you know when to stop so that you don't get drunk. You escort a Lady home, but you know ahead of time how far you might go if invited in in order to treat her with respect. You know how easy it would be to eat that second plate at dinner, but you turn it down. You could convince yourself that you're too tired to work out after a long day at the office, but you get home and put on your running shoes anyway.

This may not seem like fun, but once you start living up to your own expectations your self esteem and opinion of yourself will skyrocket. Leading ultimately to...

4) Confidence - You know what you're doing. You know what you're good at and what you're not. You make the most of your positive qualities and your talents and are not afraid to admit your faults and work harder to improve.

You do what you say. You believe in yourself regardless of what others might think because deep down you know you've worked hard to become the Gentleman you are. You know you're a good person because you've walked through the fires of self improvement.

People with confidence exude it and confidence is the most attractive quality one could have.

5) Honesty - A Gentleman lives by his word. He does not take advantage of other people. His friends and coworkers know that when he says something he means it.

Honesty builds trust and respect - other attractive qualities. On the flip side, the Gentleman is also guarded and aware that not everyone is as honest as he attempts to be. So he is wary and careful and does not blindly commit his trust in others who show signs of being untrustworthy.

The Qualities of a Gentleman - Part 2

J. Eliot

do it, you won't

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